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We take a holistic data-driven approach to the customer lifecycle. E-PR is a measurable multichannel marketing approach combining digital strategy with contemporary PR to strengthen your brand awareness and credibility, whilst amplifying your digital marketing objectives and SEO plan.

Digitally driven PR strategies help businesses with 4 key challenges

  1. Building trust and cutting through the noise
  2. Increasing inbound sales and leads
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Accurately measuring success through data insights


When your website link appears in various places on the internet, it creates more opportunities to drive traffic to your products. Backlinks are mutual and reciprocal. They appear on your website to link to an external website, and that external, trusted website links back to your website. This transaction tells search engines, “Yes, a website we already trust agrees that this brand’s website is also trustworthy.” We target mass and niche professional titles to secure credible links from authoritive sites to support your SEO plan. 


We take an incredibly tailored approach to identifying the right voices for your products services and building relationships for our brands. We work with two tiers of influencers – those who are engaged in a product only capacity (contra partnerships) and those who are engaged in a sponsored capacity.  

We have a deep understanding of how to leverage expert voices across the group, to build brand credibility and consumer engagement. After seeing the huge demand in market for credible voices, we launched Coote Experts to help brands tell more authentic stories. We represent experts in spaces including sleep, dermatology, medicine, mental health, women’s health, business, ergonomics, philanthropy, communications and media, culinary arts, and nutrition.  


72% of customers have invested in a product after seeing it on social media


40% of marketers are now dedicating a budget to influencer marketing


84% of users discover new products on Instagram


45% of marketers note reporting ROI is their biggest challenge